The septic tank pump cost of hiring an experienced drainage engineer to clean
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Septic Tank Service Cost (in 2024)

Septic tank service cost changes depending on different factors.

Septic tank service cost would typically charge roughly $170 to professionally clean and empty a sewage tank. However, this septic tank cleaning cost will change based on the size, scope, and length of time required to clean your septic tank. When budgeting for professional septic tank cleaning, there are numerous costs to take into account, including the type of septic tank you have — single or multi-chamberand how simple it is to reach.

The septic tank pump cost of hiring an experienced drainage engineer to clean and empty your septic tank will include the cost of waste collection, any necessary repairs, and a chemical cleaning service. The septic tank service cost depends on the size of your septic tank and how many people reside in your home. The amount of waste that must be cleaned and emptied will determine how long it will take to finish the task. Many drainage tank operators would likely charge either an hourly or daily rate, similar to other craftsmen.

The septic tank service cost to empty and clean your septic tank will depend on how long the job takes to finish. Keep in mind that depending on the amount of waste your home produces, emptying and cleaning your septic tank should be done frequently—at least twice a year.

Septic tank service cost changes depending on different factors.

Septic Tank Service Cost (Cleaning And Emptying)

Below is the table to compare septic tank service cost that ranges when choosing a septic tank cleaning business to perform the emptying and cleaning service on your behalf. Please be aware that this septic tank service cost are approximations and should only be used as a general guideline because they could change depending on a variety of cost-influencing factors.

Tank CapacityNumber of ChambersRecommended FrequencyAverage Septic Tank Service Cost
5,000 Litre TankSingle Chamber1-2 times a year$75-$150
9,000 Litre TankSingle Chamber1-2 times a year$150-$200
12,500 Litre TankMulti-Chamber1-2 times a year$220-$250
18,000 Litre TankMulti-Chamber1-2 times a year$250-$350

Labour Rates & Schedules

The total septic tank service cost typically includes labor septic tank cleaning cost, which vary according to the size of the septic tank. Again, the length of time required to empty and clean a septic tank depends on its size, but the table below provides some typical time frames:

Amount of septic tank in litresThe time it takes to empty & clean
Small – 5,000L45 mins
Medium – 9,000L1 hour
Large – 12,500L1.5 hours
Extra Large – 18,000L2-3 hours

Factors Affecting Septic Tank Service Cost of Cleaning and Emptying

The size of the septic tank is the primary determinant of the septic tank service cost to clean and empty it. You might anticipate paying as little as $70 for a smaller tank, but an extra-large tank can cost as much as $350. The kind of tank used can affect the final best septic tank service cost. Single-chamber septic tank pump cost are usually less expensive because they require less maintenance, however multi-chamber septic tank pump cost could cost a little more.

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