How often to service septic tank is the most frequent question people ask.

How Often to Service Septic Tank?

How often to service septic tank is the most frequent question people ask.

The most frequent query people in septic system service receive is ” how often to service septic tank?” by a long shot. New homeowners who are unfamiliar with septic system service sometimes need to learn how to manage them in order to prevent expensive complications. Although a service septic tank system is distinct from a sewer system and needs particular care and maintenance, it is a safe, organic, and ecologically acceptable approach to handle domestic drain waste.

Septic Tank Pumping Needs To Be Done At The Right Times

Although there are some basic recommendations for septic system service that a septic cleaning system should be pumped every two to five years, the reality is that you should pump your service septic tank system as frequently as your system requires. The amount of sludge and scum inside the tank is the main determinant of how frequently a service septic tank has to be pumped. Your septic system service divides the domestic wastewater into three components using the power of gravity:

  • Solids (sludge) at the bottom of the tank
  • Grease (scum) at the top of the tank
  • Watery mix (effluent) in the middle.

The watery mixture discharges into the drain of your service septic tank in septic system service field while the scum and sludge stay in the septic tank under normal circumstances. To keep things running properly, the service septic tank sludge and scum must be cleaned out sometimes.

Sludge or scum will be pushed into the drain field with the watery effluent if the sludge level reaches unsafe heights or if it thickens to a significant thickness. The subterranean network of perforated pipes can get clogged when sediments and grease are forced through the drain field, this is where septic cleaning needs to be done. This can result in sluggish drains and even wastewater backup into your house. This may result in harmful microorganisms in your house and a very costly repair causing more septic system service repairement.

Septic Tank Service Cost (in 2022)
Doing Septic Cleaning More Than Needed is Not Healthy

Doing Septic Cleaning More Than Needed is Not Healthy

In essence, if you pump your septic tank too frequently, there won’t be enough sludge and scum buildup to get the best return on your pumping expenses. Paying for the service more frequently than necessary is a waste of money with no added benefits, just like any other periodic maintenance.

The fact is that a certain amount of beneficial bacteria must always be present in your septic system. Anaerobic digestion is used by the septic tank to organically break down the waste for the subsequent stage of filtration, much like the digestive system in the human body. So here, you are now know how often to service septic tank and do your septic system service.

Although pumping at the proper intervals is crucial, it does lower the biomat levels, and it may take 1-3 weeks for your septic system service to reach its previous level of good bacteria. Every time you flush an organic waste item down the toilet, bacteria enters your tank and converts the waste into sludge and effluent. Over-pumping your service septic tank and septic system service will force the germs outside into the drain field, which can cause blockages and failures.

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